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Kbal Spean, Siem Reap, Cambodia

One of the things I was most interested in seeing/experiencing was going to the waterfalls of Kbal Spean (sounds kind of like the name of a Mortal Kombat character). I’ve only ever heard of temples and temples in Cambodia, and it would be interesting to see a more nature-hinged site.

Little did we know, it would be a 1500m hike up to the waterfall (3km roundtrip). I was ill-prepared. I wish I’d worn my scuba shoes instead, but I had on my white leather Supergas, which were great for walking but I didn’t think they were really made for hiking :|

It was a boulder-filled trek, and at some point a giant boulder jutted out into a cliff overlooking the jungly overgrowth of the mountain (the picture really doesn’t do it justice)

Yay at the 500m mark!

This rock was being photographed by a lot of people, so I snapped a quick shot of it. But I have no idea what it is :|

On the way to the falls, lots of Twilight-esque sun-streaked meadows

We found this spot funny because of how the light and shadows were, dramatizing the whole scene. Tara and I both have shots looking like kids of the jungle.

Majority of the trek looked like this: boulders! Well lots of little rocks too, but look at those boulders!

Finally at the falls! It was kind of underwhelming because we were expecting a 10-storey high cascade of water down the side of a ravine, and instead got this tiny little thing.

It was still a picturesque place though

Very jungle book/ tomb raider ish

And of course I had to get on top of those boulders, and sacrificed my Superga babies! My socks got a bit damp but luckily my shoes were fine :))

Don’t expect an epic waterfall, but the hike and the views and the jungle are all worth the excursion!

Photos: Fuji underwater camera

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