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Preah Khan + Ta Som, Siem Reap, Cambodia

This is also one of my favourite temples, a large part because of the awesome trees

I love how the rocks have a reddish/greenish hue, sort of like they’ve imbibed the earth over the years. I don’t think the rock started out looking that way

And I love how ginormous trees randomly sprout up out of structures, or wrap around temples, or just rise up from the ground like something out of the Lord of the Rings

An ancient structure which, despite everything beside it having fallen down, is still quite intact

One of my favourite trees. We had so much fun camwhoring here

This seems like such a great tree to build a treehouse on

Look at these awesome agey textures

I’m miniscule compared to those tentacley roots

In the back, another temple extension (I’m not sure which one is Preah Khan and which one is Ta Som, but I think the temple in the back is Ta Som)

Another favourite tree! How awesome is it

And what a giant!

I am an ant in comparison

And look, a little hidden surprise nestled in its branches! <3

Photos: Sony P200

Below: BTS on how we got on that ledge hahaha

Love love love <3

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