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Snowcapped Mountains, Turkey

On our way from the Ottoman house to Konya, we took the scenic mountain route. Turkey’s landscape is truly fascinating, and this time was no different. Where a few minutes before we were surrounded by lush greenery and blue skies, and a few hours before that arid rocky landscapes—we ascended the mount only to be greeted with fog and yes—SNOW!

It was definitely not a scene we imagined we would encounter in the springtime/summertime, but it was a pleasant surprise indeed. For the Americans and Aussies aboard, it was no surprise, but for our South African tourmates, the snow is a rare sighting, and for us Fillies (can I call us Filipinos that? Fillies?), not a season we even have back in the tropics. Our tour director graciously allowed us a quick photo stop with this Christmas-tree-filled backdrop—so European, yet we were in Asia. Fascinating!

A few minutes down the mount from this point, it was back to snowless rocks and trees. Ah, the wondrous faces of Turkey.

Photos: Canon 450D + 10-22mm + Sony P200

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