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Hong Kong 2012

Last June I went to Hong Kong for a business trip—to attend a Retail Conference that was being held there. I was deathly sick with snot leaking nonstop, heaving with coughs, chilled all over, and limp as a noodle. But that definitely didn’t mean I couldn’t sneak in a few random city shots and some street market shopping.

The conference was held at the Hong Kong Convention Center in Wan Chai. It was an impressive structure, probably five times the size of the SMX Convention Center here in Manila. By the water, construction was still ongoing, and it was fun to take random zoom shots of the site.

The Wan Chai area was a busy, suburban, businessy sort of area. I’d never been to this part of Hong Kong, but it was definitely different from the last time I was here, which was over ten years ago, when we stopped over in Hong Kong for a few nights en route to the US. Back then, we were mostly in the Causeway Bay area, but I vaguely remember stinky fish market smells, dirty streets and rude people. The present day Hong Kong, at least, wasn’t as severe.

We had a hard time trying to get decent translations from the locals, even though they spoke in English. I know a bit of Mandarin, not enough to string proper sentences together, but even so, it’s nothing compared to Cantonese, which sounds totally alien to me. Clearly, the confusion was mutual.

After speaking with some locals, we finally found one street market that was near enough for us to visit. A few MTR stops short, some wrong turns and a Starbucks barista’s hand drawn map later, we finally found “Seppankai”, a street market near Queen Street Central.

It was a short stretch of vertically challenging uphill steps, lined with cheap souvenirs, bead & embroidery stalls, and wig stands. A strange mix, basically. Unimpressed, we decided to visit the H&M we spotted nearby instead.

Rounded out the trip with an obligatory H&M visit at Queen Street Central. The selection was not as varied as that of H&M in Europe, but I got decent sale stuff and a visit is never unfruitful!

Photos: Canon 60D + 18-135mm

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