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San Carlino, Roma, Italia

We stumbled upon the San Carlino church by accident. We were taking photos at the Quattro Fontane, and from the street, the church was a nondescript, almost invisible structure built into the wall, blending in.

It was a real hidden gem, though. Inside, the church was small and monochromatic but quietly beautiful, with high vaulted ceilings and an oculus with streaming light. It felt very intimate and neighborhood-y, and there wasn’t as much red tape (or velvet ropes) keeping wanderers from exploring the grounds.

In the back, there was a tiny architectural courtyard, the type you’d picture in a monastery, cloister or convent.

Beneath the church, an eerily empty and cold crypt.

In the halls, glass cases with old mementos of dead children were on display. Not exactly sure what the significance is, but one look at the paintings and the artifacts and you can imagine the horror-thriller movie.

This church is not as flashy or adorned with gold and expensive paintings as most famous churches, but it’s definitely a church that’s not as simple or nondescript as it appears to be. If you happen to be at the fountain of the four rivers and have a spare mezzora, step off to the side street and visit the San Carlino (that is, if you can find it).

Photos: Canon 450D + 10-22mm

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Quattro Fontane, Roma, Italia

Up the street from our apartment in Rome was the famous Quattro Fontane, or the fountain of the four rivers. Honestly I thought it would be more like the Trevi Fountain times four, but it was a much smaller, much simpler piece in a tiny crossroads in a not so flashy part of Rome.

Still, what’s so interesting about something like this is how such history is carved into the side of some random street wall, preserved, and now quietly sits there as millions of people pass by everyday to do their grocery shopping down the street, or to catch a quick cup of coffee in the corner cafe up the road. So random, yet so fascinating!

Photos: Canon 450D + 10-22mm

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Homa in Roma

A quick spot of breakfast in Hotel Cristoforo Colombo (a crappy little end-of-the-tour hotel near the Leonardo da Vinci aeroporto) before we squeezed our bulging heaps of luggage and several carry on bags into a tiny little Fiat that took us back to the center of Roma, to our awesome little boutique serviced apartment, the Residence Barberini (Located, as the name implies, by the Piazza Barberini, in the Quattro Fontane area).

I love love love this apartment. If I could move to Rome and could afford it, I would want a flat like this. It’s spacious, clean, classic+modern fusion design, and it’s got the best location.

The interiors are very modern, but a lot of classic elements are present (as though the building were renovated at some point)—like the vintage photographs, white marble floors, chandeliers, etc. All in all giving this boutique serviced residence a homey but not geriatric feel. You still feel like a true Roman living in the heart of the city (You literally cross the narrow street and it’s a Metro station, and every major sight in Roma is in comfortable walking distance! We walked everywhere!)

We got Suite 2, out of around 12 I think. It’s up a narrow flight of marble stairs on the second floor, and there’s a street entrance for guests too—that way you feel like a true resident and you don’t have to keep passing through the lobby! You get your own set of keys for the street entrance and your suite. The price is also very competitive at 200EUR per room per night for a 2-bedroom suite with kitchen and en suite bathroom for 4 people (you can add a small amount to accommodate a fifth person), and considering all the shady looking places we saw online while researching hotels to stay at, this was definitely a hidden gem!

Clean, sophisticated amenities—and they were generous with them too! 

The second bedroom’s window overlooks an overgrown garden courtyard in the back. I love these hauntingly beautiful old gardens and yards!

My favourite spot is this cozy little reading/sketching nook by the bed

After a quick uphill trip to a nearby Despar grocery, we decided to celebrate our “housewarming” with a nice home-cooked Italian meal!

As you can see in the open pantry, we stocked up on several different sauces and cheeses and even some of the instant noodles we brought along for emergencies.

For fun, and because we were crazy and giddy and excited for our 10 days in Roma, we taped our first meal preparation ala Lifestyle Network cooking show on our video camera.

First was a mushroom and spinach Risotto with Pesto Genovese sauce. Yum!

Some Parmigiano of course~

And the chef tastes her work—delish!

Seeing this photo just makes me hungry all over again. Strangely enough, some of the best food we had on this whole trip was from the meals we prepared with grocery-bought ingredients. Everything is so easy to make and prepare, and much cheaper too!

Next we tried a prosciutto and parmigiano tortellini, also with Pesto Genovese (it was a big sauce bottle so we split the sauce over 2 pasta dishes)

Cooking at “home” in Roma is one of the things I’m definitely going to miss the most. Sigh, I want to live in Rome!!!

Photos: Canon 450D + 10-22mm + 24-70mmL

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