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Santa Maria del Popolo, Roma, Italia

A visit to another Angels & Demons location, the Santa Maria del Popolo at the Piazza del Popolo in Rome

The piazza is located at one end of the Via Condotti, the other end being the Spanish Steps. It looks much farther in the map, but they’re actually a decent walking distance from each other.

As with several other sites we visited, this one was also under some sort of restoration, so unfortunately we didn’t get to┬ásee Habakkuk and the Angel, the sculpture featured in the book.

The Chiesa, while small, is interesting because it’s so ornate and full of strange morbid details.

Aside from the usual suffering-Jesus statues and paintings and things, they seem to have a fondness for skulls, which I find peculiar but fascinating.

Check out the creepy granny skulls!

Outside in the piazza, the signature obelisk stands tall, leading the way into the via Condotti

Photos: Canon 450D + 10-22mm

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