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Il Colosseo + Arco di Constantino, Roma, Italia

Arco di Constantino (left) and Il Colosseo (right)

Went back to the Colosseo three separate times during this trip, hoping to catch it without rain. No such luck. It rained every single time we went. There were dry spells but it never quite made it to full on sunshine. Ah well, what can you do.

The first visit was with the tour, similar to our 2002 visit when we also went with Trafalgar. We had a round of the inside after a long wait in line (and this was already the express line), followed by a visit of the upper level of the Colosseo. It was pouring the whole time, we had our cameras in ziploc bags, scarves wrapped around our heads, jumping puddles and trying to get shelter underneath broken archways.

In this second visit, we had just enough sunshine before it started going all gray and gloomy again, and just as we were finishing up, it started to once again pour.

We visited the Colosseo a third time, at night, but I’ll post those alien-like shots separately since they’re way too awesome and weird.

Me doing weird playful hand shots again.

After 4 visits, I really want to be able to come back to the Colosseo and explore the dungeons or pits or higher levels. I would love to do one of those helicopter things that allow you to get the cool bird’s eye view of the Colosseo. Here’s hoping!

Photos: Canon 450D + 10-22mm, Sony P200

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Las Casas Filipinas de Acuzar, Bataan, Philippines

The last stop in our ocular excursion was the relatively new thematic heritage resort, Las Casas Filipinas de Acuzar, in Bataan (mostly known for the infamous Bataan Death March in WWII), about four hours away from our office in Makati City. More recently, it is the site of the taping for a local telenovela.

I’m not the hugest fan of resorts, but this one was pretty fascinating, mostly because of the story behind it. The entire estate is composed of actual heritage houses (those Spanish-style houses like in the photo above which were how most houses were like back in the Spanish occupation of the Philippines, or so I would imagine) plucked from different parts of the country, plank by plank, brick by brick, molding by molding.

I was feeling quite torn about it, since it seemed quite commercially evil to rip such history from their hometowns, and to bring them here for profit. It was hard to imagine the colosseum being torn apart and rebuilt inside a museum, and this is how it seemed to me, even though these houses are not of the Colosseo’s scale.

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