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Giolitti Gelato, Roma, Italia

Giolitti is one of the oldest gelaterias in Rome. It used to be numero uno in the list of best gelatos, but has been at a tug of war with other distinguished gelaterias like San Crispino. The gelateria was packed when we went in:

From one end of the line, you could hardly see the flavours on the other end, so you had to make your picks quickly.

I really can’t remember what we ordered, but they were all super good!

Consistency was good, flavours were good, no graininess or weird textures

You pay at the cashier first then bring your ticket to the gelato freezer to make your order

I loved the ambience of the place (if you just lessen the tourist crowds a bit—it’s actually full of locals too, students especially)—warm, authentic-feeling, classic Italian decor. I’m just not sure how you would eat the gelato other than the seats outside (which were full). Inside, it was kind of a standing room—there were little ledges along posts which you could stand around at to eat your gelato, which is what we did. Maybe not the numero uno gelato, but still one of the best! We even came back here a couple more times after this visit, so ‘nough said.

Photos: Canon 450D + 10-22mm

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