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Aspendos, Turkey

Aspendos is the most well-preserved Roman Colosseum in Turkey, maybe in the world (I’m missing a couple of facts from what the tour guide said haha).

If you compare it to THE colosseo, in Rome, it’s a shrimp—modest and simple and small, compared to the dramatic grandeur of the Colosseo.

The great thing about this is indeed how intact it is—cut pieces here and there and you can fill in the blanks in the Colosseo.

As usual, we seem to have terrible luck when it comes to coliseums. It, again, rained. My brother and my parents decided to skip the dangerous, slippery steps to the top, but photo-hungry, my sister and i braved the precarious steps.

The view is amazing, especially because it seems so complete and whole. No big gaping holes of where things used to be, no piles of rocks waiting to be reinstalled. It could be a newly built, made-to-look-old concert hall even!

The steps were slippery and narrow, so we used our umbrellas as a walking stick to help us climb back down

Outside, camels!

Photos: Canon 450D + 10-22mm, Sony P200, Sony W380

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Il Colosseo + Arco di Constantino, Roma, Italia

Arco di Constantino (left) and Il Colosseo (right)

Went back to the Colosseo three separate times during this trip, hoping to catch it without rain. No such luck. It rained every single time we went. There were dry spells but it never quite made it to full on sunshine. Ah well, what can you do.

The first visit was with the tour, similar to our 2002 visit when we also went with Trafalgar. We had a round of the inside after a long wait in line (and this was already the express line), followed by a visit of the upper level of the Colosseo. It was pouring the whole time, we had our cameras in ziploc bags, scarves wrapped around our heads, jumping puddles and trying to get shelter underneath broken archways.

In this second visit, we had just enough sunshine before it started going all gray and gloomy again, and just as we were finishing up, it started to once again pour.

We visited the Colosseo a third time, at night, but I’ll post those alien-like shots separately since they’re way too awesome and weird.

Me doing weird playful hand shots again.

After 4 visits, I really want to be able to come back to the Colosseo and explore the dungeons or pits or higher levels. I would love to do one of those helicopter things that allow you to get the cool bird’s eye view of the Colosseo. Here’s hoping!

Photos: Canon 450D + 10-22mm, Sony P200

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