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San Giovanni in Laterano, Roma, Italia

Second in size to the Basilica di San Pietro, the Basilica di San Giovanni in Laterano is a grand place, beautifully adorned and tucked away just so, so you don’t find yourself in as crowded a place as St. Peter’s but are still able to experience similar grandeur.

Inside, as with most basilicas, chapels or chiesas line the walls, recessed into them to create little nooks or areas for different religious statues or sculptures or prayer rooms.

Up in front, grander, more heavily adorned corners with painted artworks and gilded molding

I can’t remember what this tower-looking thing is for

Stairs lead down to the entrance of an undercroft (i think—it looks like the one in st peter’s where the entrance to the vatican grottoes is)

In the main hall, the walls are lined with larger-than-life statues of different angels, saints or apostles. They look like them.

Organ pipes

Quiet side hall

More beautiful gilded details

All in all, we enjoyed our visit to San Giovanni in Laterano. It’s big and grand, and similar to St. Peter’s in many ways, but also more open to exploration and appreciation because the density of tourists around you is much less. We never felt pressured to run around or be in any hurry, and there’s definitely more freedom to roam. Although St. Peter’s is undeniably epic and beautiful too, this basilica has its own grandeur and elegance, albeit on a slightly smaller scale.

Photos: Canon 450D + 10-22mm

*San Giovanni in Laterano is near Santa Croce in Gerusalemme

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Santa Maria del Popolo, Roma, Italia

A visit to another Angels & Demons location, the Santa Maria del Popolo at the Piazza del Popolo in Rome

The piazza is located at one end of the Via Condotti, the other end being the Spanish Steps. It looks much farther in the map, but they’re actually a decent walking distance from each other.

As with several other sites we visited, this one was also under some sort of restoration, so unfortunately we didn’t get to see Habakkuk and the Angel, the sculpture featured in the book.

The Chiesa, while small, is interesting because it’s so ornate and full of strange morbid details.

Aside from the usual suffering-Jesus statues and paintings and things, they seem to have a fondness for skulls, which I find peculiar but fascinating.

Check out the creepy granny skulls!

Outside in the piazza, the signature obelisk stands tall, leading the way into the via Condotti

Photos: Canon 450D + 10-22mm

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Pantheon, Roma, Italia

The Pantheon, as our luck would have it, was half under restoration when we went (really, I suspect it was restoration/renovation month in Italy during the time we were there)

It makes it look interesting I suppose, although of course we wanted a complete shot of the facade

The entry is impressive, as always, seeing the dramatic oculus (another Angels & Demons feature) with the light filtering through the vast space

Of course, we had to go around along the walls to look for the tomb of Raphael Santi (A&D)

And finally we saw a tiny sign with his name on it. Not so cinematic. Haha

Although the Pantheon used to be a church, and is now a temple of sorts, it was never really peaceful or relaxing being there. There were just too many damn tourists (sadly, ourselves included)

I would love to visit the Pantheon when it’s raining, gloomy, and deserted. I kinda bet that would be a peaceful/serene/pensive sort of setting.

Photos: Canon 450D + 10-22mm

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Piazza Navona, Roma, Italia

I was eager to revisit the Piazza Navona because I hadn’t paid much attention to it when I was there a decade before (a decade!) and also because we wanted to look for Angels and Demons related stuff haha

We seem to have gone to Italy during a time when they chose to do restoration/renovation work on almost every historic site or statue or building or whatnot. In Piazza Navona, this was the case again, as the main fountain in the middle was boarded up for restoration! To think that that was the fountain that was supposed to have been in the book (or so we assume).

There were, however, tiny clear acrylic windows all around where you could see the fountain. We couldn’t really get a super clear shot though :(

One of the things I love about the piazza, as with a lot of other piazzas, are the artists all around! They’ve all got their stools and easels and gear all set up, and it just seems so cute and quaint and fun, painting all day.

It was also nice to walk around the different shops and cafes that surrounded the piazza. I wasn’t able to take a photo, but we found a cute toy/hobby/curiosity shop of sorts on one of the corner buildings where I got myself a pretty tarot deck. I’ve always been in love with tarot artwork, and forever fascinated by the tarot itself.

Another little church I’d read about was the Chiesa di Sant Agnese in Agone, which was along the square. It was where some saint’s bones or limbs were (I forget), so of course, with me being fascinated with the morbid and macabre, we had to go visit!

This is my sister standing in front of the entrance where, unfortunately, there was a sign that said NO PHOTO. So no photos of saintly limbs, sadly.

It was a tiny Church, and there were a lot of people, surprisingly. Although the interior was quite humble compared to a lot of the heavily adorned big-time churches, it still had a hallowed sort of reverence to it (if that even makes sense), not to mention the bones they’ve got on display.

Photos: Canon 450D + 10-22mm

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