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The Generation Gap

I love our generation (for the most part), but I think our parents don’t get it. They lived in a time when it was normal to be prejudiced about things, and people stuck to their roles, and things meant something else than they do now. Our generation is schooled on hope, on camaraderie, on no boundaries, on togetherness, on seeing the world and immersing ourselves in different cultures. To them thi…s means Facebook and partying and getting kidnapped. But I think our generation understands the need for friendship and openness and empathy. Of course there are precautions and we need to be vigilant, but I’m glad we’re not as prejudiced as they are, or as jaded. Sometimes I look at them and wonder why they feel fine just staying where they are, when there’s so much more left to explore in the world, and not a whole lot of time left to explore it. I don’t think they dream as big as they used to, or as much as they ought to. It really makes me sad.

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