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Pre Rup / East Mebon, Siem Reap, Cambodia

Pre Rup and East Mebon are similar (not sure if identical) temples built North and South of each other, and our driver brought us to one—I’m not sure which.

The most distinguishable aspect here is the red color on the brick—most of the other temples had natural stone-colors. These were a combination of mudbricks, minerals and bricks and rocksĀ I think.

This was a more chill sort of temple, but maybe only because there weren’t as many tourists when we were here. It was a pain to climb, because at this point the sun was really on our backs. I had to use my umbrella as a climbing stick to keep from touching the hot rock. Still worth the visit (maybe you can just pick one, too!)

Photos: Sony P200 + Fuji Underwater Camera + Makeshift filter (my shades!)

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