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Piazza San Pietro, Vatican City, Italy

We must’ve visited the square 3 times during this trip, all for different reasons. First, as part of the tour, where we stood in line for almost 2 hours only to have 5 minutes inside the Basilica. That was also the day my sister’s SD card devastatingly got wiped.

So this, our second visit, was to retake the shots we lost, which were the ones of the exterior of the basilica as well as around the piazza. Luckily, it was better weather than the first visit! A rare occasion.

Seats already in place for the Papal Audience (which we would also be attending)

What I love about St. Peter’s, despite its usual crowdedness and hordes of tourists milling about, is that there’s something epic about it that you can’t deny. Angels & Demons wasn’t an exaggeration of how grand and spectacular the whole place is, even though the movie made use of CG.

Of course we went looking for the bas relief of the West Wind as featured in the book. But like most A&D related artifacts/stuff, it was behind fences and much too far to see :|

Photos: Canon 450D + 10-22mm

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